Cobot and Innovative technology in Industrial Robotics and Robotic Application Deployment

16th and 17th November, in association with MindSpark

The Robotics Society – Student Chapter COEP in collaboration with MindSpark’21 organized a 2-Day Robotics Seminar Series on 16th & 17th November 2021. For the Day-2 of Seminar Series guest speaker was Dr. Shantipal Ohol Associate Professor at Mechanical Engineering Dept. COEP. Next guest speaker was CEO of SVR Infotech Mr. Viinod Atpadkar. SVR Infotech is a technology startup company based out of Pune and is focussed on Industrial Automation and Robotics. The topic for Ohol Sir’s session was “Cobot & Innovative technology in Industrial Robotics” & was scheduled from 11 am – 1 pm, whereas Mr. Viinod’s talk was on “Robotic Application Deployment” and was scheduled form 2 pm - 4:30 pm.


Session from Dr. Shantipal Ohol ( Assoc Prof. Mech. Dept. COEP)

Session from Mr. Viinod Atpadkar ( CEO of SVR Infotech )

Dr. Ohol started the seminar by discussing about Collaborative robotic arms, future scope of industrial robotics and advent of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in the robotic arm manipulation. He concluded his talk by giving a brief idea about the Robotic Arm based projects done by Robotics & Automation Laboratory COEP. The session saw a huge interest and Questions from more than 80+ students that took the benefit of the same. In the afternoon session Mr. Viinod Atpadkar gave a brief idea about various projects that were done by SVR Infotech with their demonstrations. He discussed about the project lifecycle at SVR , application based robotics, deployment in industries and briefly talked about product lifecycle deployment. Overall, it was great session which encouraged the students to pursue startups and gave a brief idea about challenges faced while pursuing them. Finally Ms. Apurva Pawar extended a Vote of Thanks to Mr. Vinnod and the informative and enthralling 2-Day Robotic Seminar Series marked its end.

Towards Cognitive Robotics: Machine learning Robotic Arm Manipulation and Robotics Competition: Planning and Development

16th and 17th November, in association with MindSpark

TRS -Student chapter COEP in collaboration with MindSpark-21 conducted webinar sessions on various topics of Robotics as a part of webinar sessions organized by MindSpark-21 on 16th & 17th November 2021. Mindspark is a annual technical Festival of COEP. The First Day of the two-day webinar session was commenced in the morning by a talk on ‘‘Towards Cognitive Robotics: Machine Learning for Robotic Arm Manipulation’’ by Ms. Padmaja Kulkarni, COEP alumni with Masters in Computer Science H-BRS, Germany, and former researcher at Technische Universiteit Delft(TU Delft). And after the morning session, there was a lunch break followed by the afternoon session on ‘’Robotics Competition: Planning and Development’’ by Dr. Mihir Chauhan, Assistant Prof., Center for Robotics and Automation (CRA)-Nirma University. The one-day webinar was kicked off by a warm welcome from TRS Student Chapter COEP Secretary Mr. Pranay Junare, followed by a brief introduction to TRS Student Chapter COEP and TRS India.


Talk from Ms. Padmaja Kulkarni (Masters in CS-HBRS Germany, Past Researcher at TU Delft)

  In the Morning session, Ms. Padmaja talked about her research work at TU Delft about developing novel data-driven Machine Learning algorithms for the task of robotic arm manipulation. She gave a brief overview about her research work, robotic teleoperation for manipulation and reinforcement learning for robotic manipulation. Further a brief introduction to the reinforcement learning and various approaches in the field of robotic arm control. The session saw the presence of nearly 195 students and Professors. She also shared her journey from COEP student to Researcher at TU Delft. Finally, she concluded her talk by answering questions about her research work and questions regarding various Research Internship opportunities at German Universities and abroad in general.

Session from Dr. Mihir Chauhan, Asst. Prof., Center for Robotics & Automation(CRA) - Nirma University

 After the lunch break, the afternoon session was conducted by Dr. Mihir Chauhan on the topic ‘‘Robotics Competition: Planning and Development’’. He shared his experience of mentoring Team Nirma Robocon, the 9 times National Robocon Winner. Dr. Mihir started his session by giving a brief introduction to Robocon and performance of Nirma University at National and International Robcon over the past decade. Different techniques used by their team in theme analysis, planning, prototyping, designing and practice was discussed in great detail. He thoroughly shared his knowledge about building a team and preparing them to work in robotics competitions. He also talked about different stages and steps needed to work and succeed in such competitions. Stress was given by sir on importance of team selection, team management, finances management and resource allocation. He concluded his talk by answering questions from the students.




A Demonstration of XL-JACO Robot: Mobile Manipulator Robot

18th September, 2021, in association with Nugenix Robotics

Discussion on the recent trends and developments in robotics and how it can affect human society as a whole. Professors and experts across various institutes joined the session. The session kicked off with a description of the projects and activities conducted by Robot Study Circle in association with The Robotics Society of India.

 Mr. Aditya started off by giving a short note about the construction and design of the mentioned robot. As he explained the robot mainly consists of a 4 wheeled Holonomic drive coupled with a Kinova arm. This robot uses Intel Real Sense Camera system along with LIDAR for mapping and identifying the environment around it. Apart from this it is coupled, with a plethora of sensors and a robust processing unit (Intel I7) to operate precisely. The construction of Kinova arm is primarily composed of a carbon fibre and fibre glass mesh for high strength to weight ratio and it is coupled with high-capacity motors. Applications for this robot range from medical to defence. The computation capabilities of the robot were also demonstrated on the ROS. Later he also discussed the entrepreneurial opportunities for the budding engineering students in the field of Robotics and Industry 4.0.

A line which he mentioned supporting the fact was, “humans made their first friend with computers which can today do more than just computation, our second friend is mobile phone which can do more than communication today and human’s third friend will definitely be robots which will do more than simplifying human tasks. They will be integral part of our life.” Later Dr. Shantipal Ohol gave a vote of thanks by appreciating the discussions towards the further development in the field of robotics. This marked the end of a successful session furthering the cause of robotics.


Recent Advancements in Industrial Robotics and Demonstration of Mitsubishi Robotic Arm

7th August 2021, in association with Celestial Institute of Technology

The session was organized in a completely online mode for all the participants with the theme "Industrial Robotics" . It consisted of two sessions, in the morning session a Keynote was delivered by Dr. S. S. Ohol on topic “Recent Advances in Industrial Robotics” whereas in the afternoon a session on “Introduction to Industrial Robotic arms and Automation” was conducted which was followed by “Demonstration of Mitsubishi’s RV-8CRL Industrial Robotic arm”.

 In the morning session by Dr. Ohol he had explained the cutting-edge Industrial robots that are currently used in the industry. He also briefly talked about what advances that we could expect to take place in industrial robotic arms and automation processes in the coming years. Whereas in the afternoon session Mr. Parag Dandekar and Mr. Ninad Taralekar both experts in the field of Industrial Automation and robotics integrated machines gave a brief idea about the Integrated PLC system, SCADA & DCS systems, HMIs and further remote control of plants. Later Mr. Mahesh Sarkate gave a demonstration of Industrial robotic arm which was live streamed to all the participating audience. He briefly covered the specifications of RV-8CRL robotic arm, its advance capabilities and later showed how we can program the arm using RT toolbox3 software. Finally, programs were written for pick and place task and trajectory following and its live demonstration was shown to the participants. The seminar showed a great response from audience and nearly more than 95 students and Professors from different colleges marked their presence for the same. Indeed, it was a great 1-Day seminar where robotic enthusiasts had an excellent learning opportunity.

Webinar on Robotics with Simscape Multibody


Due to ongoing n-COVID 19 crisis, all the students and faculties are being instructed to stay at home. Hence the students are kept in touch with their studies by online assignments and webinars as per the directives received from various authorities. 

A successful webinar on "Robotics with Simscape Multibody", using MATLAB and Simulink was organized by a TRS Student chapter COEP jointly with Robot study circle, COEP. The webinar was conducted on two days, 30th and 31st March, 2020 for two hours each and it was directly conducted by the experts from MathWorks, Mr. Pawankumar Fakatkar, Education Technical Evangelist, MathWorks on day one and by Dr. Dhruv Chandel, Education Technical Evangelist, MathWorks, on 2nd day. It was proposed / requested to MathWorks  by Prof. Dr S. S. Ohol, COEP, to MathWorks and also he has coordinated for successful conduct this webinar.

Following were the topics covered during this webinar :

Modelling a robot link in Simscape Multibody -

  • Forward Kinematics,
  • Trajectory Planning,
  • Modelling a DC Motor using Simscape, and PID Control


The webinar saw a good response from the students of COEP. For the first session there were @67+ participants and for the second session there were @77+ participants, those include students of Robot Study Circle, COEP, TRS Student Chapter members, B.Tech (Mechanical) students pursuing Robotics and Automation as their elective subject and M.Tech (Mech)-Design students studying Robotics as elective subject of Sem-II. Both subjects are being conducted by Dr. S. S. Ohol, Mechanical Engineering, COEP.

During these sessions, students were introduced with the MATLAB basics, Simulink, Modelling a robot link in Simscape Multibody, Forward Kinematics, Trajectory Planning, Modelling a DC Motor using Simscape, and PID Control. There was also a one to one interaction between experts and students, for clearing various queries of students.

Very soon, The TRS Student Chapter, COEP & RSC, COEP are now planning to have such webinars in upcoming days to help students learn about Robotics Technology by staying at home.

Thanking You,

Rasika Vibhute                                                     Mrinmayee Bangar

Secretary, RSC, COEP                               Secretary, TRS Student Chapter, COEP

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