Robocon is an International Competition organized by ABU ( Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union) . This competition is based on various themes  in which two robots, one manual and one autonomous is used to complete a certain set of tasks. The contestants in the competition are undergraduate students who need significant expertise in the fields of Mechanical, Electronics and Software Engineering to accomplish the given tasks. 


ABU Robocon 2021 will be held at Jimo,China and the game will be based on the traditional game of East Asian countries pitch-pot, or throwing arrows to a pot. In this game, each team designs two robots. One robot can pick up arrows and throw them to the five pots located on the field, but is restricted to the outer area of the field. The other robot, in addition to throwing arrows from the outer area, can navigate through both the outer and inner area of the field, rotating pots, blocking throwing attempts of the opponent, or handing leftover arrows on the field to the first robot. Team scores point based on the number of arrows thrown into each pot, but if a team got the arrow to all five pots, they will achieve the K.O victory which immediately ends the game.

The theme of the game features Chinese traditional entertainment called ‘Tou Hu’ which means ‘to fire arrows into pots.’ Students using 1-2 robots to aim and fire arrows into pots placed on 5 different locations on the contest field. Two teams compete by score and game lasts for 3 minutes unless one of them achieves ‘Great Victory’.