Webinar on Robotics with Simscape Multibody


Due to ongoing n-COVID 19 crisis, all the students and faculties are being instructed to stay at home. Hence the students are kept in touch with their studies by online assignments and webinars as per the directives received from various authorities. 

A successful webinar on "Robotics with Simscape Multibody", using MATLAB and Simulink was organized by a TRS Student chapter COEP jointly with Robot study circle, COEP. The webinar was conducted on two days, 30th and 31st March, 2020 for two hours each and it was directly conducted by the experts from MathWorks, Mr. Pawankumar Fakatkar, Education Technical Evangelist, MathWorks on day one and by Dr. Dhruv Chandel, Education Technical Evangelist, MathWorks, on 2nd day. It was proposed / requested to MathWorks  by Prof. Dr S. S. Ohol, COEP, to MathWorks and also he has coordinated for successful conduct this webinar.

Following were the topics covered during this webinar :

Modelling a robot link in Simscape Multibody -

  • Forward Kinematics,
  • Trajectory Planning,
  • Modelling a DC Motor using Simscape, and PID Control


The webinar saw a good response from the students of COEP. For the first session there were @67+ participants and for the second session there were @77+ participants, those include students of Robot Study Circle, COEP, TRS Student Chapter members, B.Tech (Mechanical) students pursuing Robotics and Automation as their elective subject and M.Tech (Mech)-Design students studying Robotics as elective subject of Sem-II. Both subjects are being conducted by Dr. S. S. Ohol, Mechanical Engineering, COEP.

During these sessions, students were introduced with the MATLAB basics, Simulink, Modelling a robot link in Simscape Multibody, Forward Kinematics, Trajectory Planning, Modelling a DC Motor using Simscape, and PID Control. There was also a one to one interaction between experts and students, for clearing various queries of students.

Very soon, The TRS Student Chapter, COEP & RSC, COEP are now planning to have such webinars in upcoming days to help students learn about Robotics Technology by staying at home.

Thanking You,

Rasika Vibhute                                                     Mrinmayee Bangar

Secretary, RSC, COEP                               Secretary, TRS Student Chapter, COEP