Man-Packable Surveillance Robot - Vilola

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Project By: Onkar Kulkarni, Unmesh Datar
Specifications: Man Packable
Wireless AV transmission
Extremely Rugged
Low Cost
Battery Powered
Year: 2016
Cost: Approx. Rs. 15,000

Man-Packable Surveillance Robot - Vilola

A robot so small that it can fit in your palm and so rugged that you can throw it anywhere to carry out surveillance. Vilola has a camera inside which provides live footage to the robot operator.


  • Man-packable Surveillance Robot
  • Small enough to be gripped and thrown into the premises over tall walls
  • Transmit video and audio feed wirelessly to a remote ground station
  • Lithium Polymer Battery Powered
  • Controls via Android App using Bluetooth 2.0
  • Low Cost compared to commercial alternatives


  • The robot can be used for military surveillance purpose.
  • During rescue operations, the robot can be used as an alternative to reconnaissance squad to locate hostages and hostile personnel.
  • Being small and rugged the robot can be utilized as a tool for data collection in confined spaces for research purpose, such as in caves.
  • In case of disastrous situations, the robot can be used to search captives and guide them to safety. It can be used to guide the rescue teams to paralyzed victims.
  • Environmentalists can use the robot to keep watch on animals in their natural territory.
  • The robot can be used for under-car scanning in parking.